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AP Macroeconomics
Are the Poor Getting Poorer???
AP Macroeconomics Course Description: here
   Unit/Topic Connection to Krugman textbook: here
"The first lesson of economics is scarcity: there is never enough of anything to fully satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics."  
- Thomas Sowell
Unit I Topics, textbook, and AP Concepts:  here
   Topic 1: Scarcity, Choice, and Opportunity Cost
   Topic 2: Production Possibilities Frontier & Trade (AA & CA)
   Topic 3: Economic Systems
   Topic 5: Circular Flow Model & Key Macroecon topics

Unit II Monitoring the Macroeconomyhere
   Topic 1: GDP & the Circular Flow: here
   Topic 2: Labor and Unemployment: here
   Topic 3: Price Indices and Inflation: here

Unit III The Real Economyhere
   Topic 1: Aggregate Demand: here
   Topic 2: Aggregate Supply: here
   Topic 3: AS/AD Model & Macroeconomic Equilibrium

Unit IV The Money Economy
   Topic 1: Money & Banking
   Topic 2: Money Creation & Monetary policy
   Topic 3: Financial Economics

Unit V Economic FluctuationsFiscal Policy was covered in unit III
   Topic 1: Fiscal Policy: Expansion, Contraction, Stabilizers
   Topic 2: Fiscal Policy: Lags, Crowding Out, and Debt
   Topic 3: Fiscal Versus Monetary Debate

Unit VI Economic Growthhere
   Topic 1: Economic Growth
Unit VII The Global Economyhere
   Topic 1: International Trade: Comparative & Absolute Advantage
   Topic 2: Balance of Payments
   Topic 3: Exchange Rates

flipped: Intro to Macro
flipped GDP: here
flipped Unemployment: here
flipped Inflation & CPI: here
Keynes vs Hayek Part 1: Fear the Boom & Bust
Keynes vs Hayek Part 2: Fight of the Century
Keynes vs Hayek Part 3 Preview...
I, Pencil
flipped Money Economy
flipped: Comp Advantage
Economic Growth NOTES: here
Economic Growth Assignment: here
FINAL EXAM Review: here
AP Central: here         Current Macroeconomic Data: here  
         EXCELLENT AP Review website: here
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 Unit I continued... Demand & Supply Topics: here
  Topic 1: Demand
  Topic 2: Supply
  Topic 3: Equilibrium
flipped: D & S: here   *IGNORE Elasticity & taxes!!!
flipped: PPF