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AP Microeconomics

Unit 1 Topics Basics   

Unit 2 A Topics Supply & Demand 
Unit 2 B Topics Consumption Function (Utility)
Unit 2 C Topics Production & Cost
Unit 2 D Topics Competition Structures

Unit 3 Topics Factor Market

Unit 4 Topics Externalities, Inefficiencies & Government

Course Information
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Helpful Web Sites
Perfect Competition 'Firm' graphs: Short-run conditions
Single-Price Monopoly enjoying excessive (positive) profits
Circular Flow Model: Pure Free-Market
Basic Supply and Demand Graph
Review of Basic Graphs
Here it is folks: The Little Mermaid & Supply/Demand Graphs! You know you want to see it again!!!!  Just click 'Play'!!!
Monopoly Music Video
Government Killed Producer Surplus
Can't Protect This: Trade & Protectionism
Fun Music Videos
PPF Basics: Part 1  (VERY GOOD VIDEO!!!)
PPF Basics: Part 2
Perfect Competition
Why is MC curve shaped as it is???
Profit Maximizing: MR=MC
Monopoly: CS & PS
Oligopoly: Game Theory
Oligopoly Music Video
Monopolistic Competition
Factor Market: Perfectly Competitive
Monopsony Role-Play
Factor Market: Monopsony
Opportunity Cost Calculation
Flipped: MU Lesson
Flipped: Prod & Cost
Flipped: Perf Comp
Flipped: Monopoly
Flipped: Imperf Comp
AP Short Answer Questions:
   Perf Comp/Monopoly: here
   Monopoly: here
   Tax Incidence: here
Taken from AP Central: 
   released exam questions
Review Materials thus far: here
Flipped: Factor Markets
Flipped: Externalities
Basics Vocabulary .ppt: here
Current Macroeconomic Data: here
EXCELLENT AP Micro review: here
Perfect Competition Music Video
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