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"The dirty secret of intellectual life is that first-rate work requires an enormous amount of effort, anxiety, and even desperation."
- John Searle
Suggested Reading
Awesome books you should read...​

Freakonomics   by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
    ISBN: 0-06-073132
       *see website!

Superfreakonomics   by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
    ISBN: 978-0-06-088957-9
        *see website!


Unit 1: Basics: Scarcity, OC, PPF 

Unit 2: Economic Systems  

Unit 3: Supply & Demand

Unit 4: Economic Performance

Unit 5: Tax, Spend, Fiscal Policy

Unit 5: Money, Banking, Monetary Policy

Unit 6: Trade & Foreign Exchange
Helpful Links:
Current National Debt Level (National Debt Clock)
Current Federal receipts as percent of GDP

Current Unemployment Rate
Current Labor Participation Rate
Current Misc Labor Statistics
Current Manufacturing in the USA data    Long-run trends: FRED data site
Current Wage level trends - Washington Post article - see graph below

Current Real GDP Level (National Income Accounting)
Current World GDP changes year-to-year
Current USA GDP changes year-to-year

Current Inflation Rate
Current CPI Data

Economic Analysis of Free Trade- theory & reality: here
NAFTA effects: here
Is NAFTA actually Free Trade? here
Impact of US Trade Agreements: here
Economic Data:
Khan Academy Microecon: here
Khan Academy Macroecon: here
Fear the Boom and Bust: Hayek versus Keynes
Fight of the Century: Hayek versus Keynes Round 2
Suggested Movies & Podcasts

Freakonomics  podcast (found on itunes): FREE!!!

Outsourced   Movie: see website
When the 32-year-old manager of a Seattle customer call center receives word that his entire Order Fulfillment department is about to be outsourced to India, his initial anger gives way to a newfound sense of wonder as he travels to Mumbai to train his replacement. Todd (Josh Hamilton) is facing unemployment, but in the meantime he has accepted a temporary job to travel to India and ensure the company's transition is a smooth one. Though at first nonplussed by his unfamiliar new surroundings, Todd is subsequently disarmed by the friendliness of his likeable replacement, Puro (Asif Basra), and charmed by co-worker Asha's (Ayesha Dharker) offer to better familiarize the newcomer with the people and customs of India. As Todd begins to sow the seeds of productivity among his amiable new employees and gains the ability to look past their cultural differences, an overnight business trip that lands Todd and Asha together at a Kamasutra Hotel threatens to complicate the endeavor in ways that the outsourced American never anticipated. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
GDP Notes: here
Inflation Notes: here
Fiscal Notes: here
Fiscal Video: link here
Money, Bank, Monetary Policy Notes: here
More Money Notes to Study: here
Assignments - Money: here    Monetary: here
Unit 1 Materials: here
Unit 2 Materials: here
I, Pencil
Unit 3 materialshere
Unit 4 Materialshere
Tax & Spend Powerpoint: here
Fiscal Policy Powerpoint: here
Unemployment rate pre-recession to 2019
RGDP (Growth) Rate rate pre-recession to 2018