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Age of Discovery (Old Imperialism) and the Commercial Revolution
Age of Discovery Notes: here
Age of Discovery Powerpoint: here
Age of Discovery Notes 2: here

God, Glory, Gold: here
Trade Companies Map: here
Class Notes & Powerpoints
There are TWO parts to this unit: The Age of Exploration & the Commercial Revolution.  We will begin with the Age of Exploration and finish up with the Commercial revolution.      Please focus on:  Marginalized people and the economic and political ripple effects that initiates a Globalized world.
Age of Exploration:
Commercial Revolution:
Resource Web Links
Age of Exploration: here
Commercial Revolution: here
Causes of Commercial Revolution: here
Commercial Revolution Review: here

Effect of Renaissance on Economy: here
Effect of Science on Economy: here
Strayer Reading: here
7 Minute video about some famous explorers.
Video by Paul Montemayor.
Textbook Focus Questions: here

Columbus Letter & Handout: here

Five Faces of Oppression reading: here
  5 faces Handout WS: here
Extra Reading
Collegeboard Learning Objectives, redesign: here
45  Minute video about slaves in the Sugar Plantations in Brazil - intense... 
Motivations of Exploration: 4 min 30 sec
Video by Paul Sargent
Age of Exploration: 9 min 
Video by Tom Richey