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French Revolution & Napoleonic Era
Notes and Resources
Social History: 18th Century .ppt: here

Detailed French Revolution NOTES: here
French Revolution Powerpoint: here

Brinton's "The course of Revolution": here
Three Estates (a pyramid view): here
Old Regime brief reading: here
Stages of Revolution - Where are the Enlightened ideas?: here

Accomplishments of the Revolution: here

Napoleonic Era NOTES: here      Napoleon Powerpoint: here
The Slaughter of Cats - Social history: here

Liberté, égalité, fraternité
American Revolution from
11 Minute Instruction
12 Minute Instruction
French Revolution from
23 Minute Instruction
Reign of Terror from
16 Minute Instruction
Rise of Napoleon from
13 Minute Instruction
Wars of the 1st and 2nd Coalition from
Wars of Napoleon
War of the 3rd Coalition from
21 Minute Instruction
Peninsular Wars from
20 Minute Instruction
16 Minute Instruction
War of the 4th Coalition from
16 Minute Instruction
Russian Invasion from
16 Minute Instruction
Napoleon forced to abdicate from
Primary Documents
Decrees of Aug 4, 1789: here
Rights of Man and citizen: here
Napoleon Quotes: here
Quotes about Napoleon: here
TOM RICHEY Y'all!!!!!
8 Minute Part 1: The Old Regime
The bottom of the page....
11 Minute Part 2: Estates General
12 Minute Part 3: National assembly
14 Minute Part 4: Dec Rights of Man
11 Minute Part 5: Civil Const Clergy
8 Minute - Women of French Revolution - 1 of many videos on this topic