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Reformation & Religious Wars
This era can be broken down into:
    1. Protestant Reformation
    2. Catholic Counter-Reformation
    3. Religious Wars
Web Resources to Study:

Reformation Lecture Notes 1: Here
Reformation Lecture Notes 2: Here
Catholic Counter-Reformation Powerpoint: Here
Religious Wars Notes: Here
Religious Wars General Info 
       & French Rel Wars Powerpoint Here

Philip II's Crusade & Netherlands Revolt: here

Religious Wars Powerpoint: here

30 Year's War Powerpoint: here
Catholic-Protestant Compare Chart: Here
Religious Wars Review Concepts: here
Lecture Notes:
Catholic Basic Belief Powerpoint: Here
Reformation Powerpoint: Here
Spread of reformation - Images: here
Another good map is on this website: here
16th Century Protestants: Here
Reformation Learning Objectives:

Reformation & Religious Wars Learning objectives - redesigned exam: here
Protestant Reformation McKay Text Guided Reading Questions: here
Catholic Counter-Reformation McKay Guided Reading Questions: here
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Tom Richey: Causes of the Reformation
10 minutes
John Green: Crash Course History
Protestant Reformation
15 minutes
Paul Sargent: Catholic Counter Reformation
8 minutes
Tom Richey: French Wars of Religion
8:31 minutes
Tom Richey: English Reformation
10 minutes
Baroque Art Powerpoint: here

Baroque Art pdf (GREAT STUFF!): here

Religious War Era Art pdf: here

Dutch Century - Mannerism: here

Tom Richey: Calvinism Basics
14 minutes
Max Weber: Protestantism & Capitalism
2 minutes
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Animated 10 minute lesson on the Netherlands Revolt