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Westfield High School
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Aggregate Demand (AD) / Aggregate Supply (AS) Model
Resources and Notes
AD/AS Classical Model: here
AD/AS Keynesian Model: here
AD/AS Examples of curve shifts: here

Phillips Curve Notes: here

Tax & Spend Powerpoint: here
Aggregate Demand Basics
14 Minute Instruction
4 Minute Instruction
Long-Run Aggregate Supply
12 Minute Instruction
Short-Run Aggregate Supply
These 3 Videos are from Khan Academy
4 Minute Instruction
Mr. Clifford Explains AS/AD model - simple, but good!
ACDC Economics by Mr. Clifford:
Practice Exercises
Short-Run Fluctuation Practice: here    Answers: here
Advanced (Fiscal Policy) Practice Exercises
Fiscal Practice 1: here
Fiscal Practice 2: here
4 Minute Instruction
Fiscal Policy Basics
2 Minute Instruction
Mr. Clifford Explains the Spending Multiplier
Demand-Pull, Cost-Push Inflation using the AS/AD Model: Powerpoint here
5 Minute Instruction
Spending Multiplier & Money Multiplier (Money Multiplier will be studying in class later, during Monetary Policy)