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Westfield High School
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Externalities: Market Failure
Tax Incidence Practice: here
Negative Externalities Practice: here
     Answers: here

Congested Parks Optional Assignment:
     Reading: here
     Assignment: here
Tax Burden NOTES: here
Characteristics of  Public Goods: here
Class Lecture NOTES: here
Krugman text: Modules 74, 75, 76, 77, 78
7 Minute Instruction
Superb video that systematically explains externalities.  
4.5 Minute Instruction
Externalities & the Coase Theorum
3 Minute Instruction
ACDC Economics: Externalities
3 Minute Instruction
ACDC Economics: Positive Externalities -
Graphing it
3 Minute Instruction
ACDC Economics: Negative Externalities 
Graphing it
2 Minute Instruction
Public Goods & Free-Rider Problem