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Factor Market
Assignments & Practice
Module 69 Demand for Labor WS: here
     Answers: here
Module 71 Supply of Labor WS: here
     Answers: here
Module 70 Capital and Land Markets WS: here
     Answers: here
Module 72 Cost Minimizing WS: here
     Answers: here

Capital Factor Market Work: here
     Answers: here
Lorenz Curve Work: here
     Answers: here

AP Short Answer Questions: here
     Answers: here
Notes & Lectures
Factor Market NOTES 1: here
Factor Market NOTES 2: here

Promethean Board Lecture NOTES: here

Labor Powerpoint: here
9 1/2 Minute Instruction
MRP Calculation in a Perfectly Competitive Product and Labor Market.  
1 Minute Instruction
Comparing Perfectly Competitive Labor Market with a Monospony Market.  What the video calls MEL we call MFC (Marginal Factor Cost).
5 Minute Instruction
Monopsony Market explained by a college professor. 
Krugman Modules 69-72