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Westfield High School
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Imperfect Competition: Monopolistic Competition & Oligopoly
Before we begin, let's learn the method used to identify a particular industry's market structure.  We use two methods in this process: the 4-firm concentration ratio and the HHI.
10 minute instruction
Watch this video before coming to class!  It will take you through the 4-Firm Ratio and the HHI.
Video print-out: here
4-Firm/HHI and Monopolistic Competition Practice Excerise: here

Imperfect Competition: Monopolistic Competition
Imperfect Competition: Oligopoly
Monopolistic Competition Promethean Board NOTES: here
Oligopoly Promethean Board NOTES: here
Imperfect Competition Video
3 minute instruction
13 minute instruction
Oligopoly: Game Theory Video
5 minute instruction
Monopolistic Competition Video