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Perfect Competition
Mandatory Videos
Part 1: Introduction.  This video uses a powerpoint to present the basic characteristics of Perfect Competition.
Part 2: Curve Shifts.  This video shows how changes in Market Supply & Market Demand effect the Perfectly Competitive firm's MR and Profit-Maximizing Quantity.
Part 3: The four Profit Conditions.  This shows Zero Profit, Positive Profit, Negative Profit, and Shut-Down.  It also includes Short-Run versus Long-Run analysis. 
13 Minute Instruction
9 Minute Instruction
15 Minute Instruction
Printable Copies
Introduction Powerpoint: here
Promethean board presentation in pdf format (parts 2 and 3): here
Perfect Competition Graphs: here
Practice Assignments
Module Multiple Choice Practice: here
Perfect Competition Short Answer Practice: here     Answers:  here     
3 1/2 Minute Instruction
ACDC Econ (Mr. Clifford)
Perfect Competition
2 Minute Instruction
ACDC Econ (Mr. Clifford)
Perfect Competition in the Long-Run
ACDC Econ (Mr. Clifford)
Graphing Perf Comp Practice
2 Minute Instruction
5 Minute Instruction
Basic Characteristics of ALL the Market Structures